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RPG Site - Five Years Old Today

Our sister site, UFFSite, is celebrating racking up a massive 11 years on the web. We're not quite that impressive, but we're now on our fifth year. We launched on June 28th, 2006, and since then we've had two design changes, thousands of news posts and host tens of thousands of screenshots, artwork, videos and other game assets. We're proud of that!

Back in 2006 we could never have predicted the hard wings towards certain types of RPG that we've seen. The Japanese RPG hasn't fallen, but it's certainly taken a bit of a beating both critically and commercially in the years since we've launched, but we've been very lucky that it's been replaced with a newly enthused category of Western RPGs with companies like Bioware, Bethesda and Obsidian leading the charge in making top-flight Western RPGs.

Meanwhile more and more games are embracing the RPG elements to help beef up their gameplay. Borderlands successfully combines a first person shooter with RPG gameplay, something that would've seemed absolutely mental to me in 2006, and Lionhead continues to tinker with the Fable experience to try to keep the RPG elements intact while stripping down time spent looking at text and bars and numbers on menus to the minimum.

At a time when many say the RPG category is shrinking, I honestly believe that it's growing and expanding - just in different ways. At E3 2011 I'm happy to say we were spoilt for choice with a variety of games from developers Eastern and Western and there were some truly exciting titles on show.

One way in which the RPG genre is growing is all those games that aren't technically RPGs but are pulling little elements from RPGs into them - and we think RPG fans might still enjoy them. Because of that one thing we're going to be doing is expanding the site out to cover some of these games - but we'll be building filters and such in place so that if you only want to see proper, bonafide RPGs, that's all you see. We're going to start covering that stuff from an RPG fan perspective and give you guys the choice of if you want to read it or not.

You'll also see our retro section launch properly later this year - that's our short-term plan. We want to give you all more content without compromising the quality or the underlining pretense of the site - we are an RPG Site. That is our core and always will be. The last two years in particular have been phoenomenal for us - and things are only going to get even better.

Thanks for using us as your portal for RPG stuff! There's plenty more to come and, as ever, we always want to hear your comments, suggestions and thoughts for the future. Here's to five more years!

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