Square-Enix: We'd Consider a Final Fantasy HD Collection with Enough Demand

In 2009, Sony began an initiative to remaster PlayStation 2 titles in high definition for the PlayStation 3. Since then, we've seen several collections, such as God of War, Sly Cooper, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill, and more. Those are all great and everything, but we have yet to see any JRPG collections released for the platform. More specifically, I'm talking about Final Fantasy.

We all know three Final Fantasy (four if you count Final Fantasy XI) titles were released for the PS2. What better way for Square-Enix to make some easy money by releasing upscaled versions on the PS3? One outlet asked them exactly that.

Speaking in a similar interview like we had previously, PS3Trophies.org questioned Yoshinori Kitase on if they had any plans  for any such collections. Here is what he had to say:

“We haven’t made up our mind about that yet, but if there was a strong voice coming through from the users asking for such porting, then obviously we would seriously consider it, but no actual plans yet.”

Kitase also said something similar in regards to PSP Remasters as well.

Clearly, the demand must be there, so you all should know what to do! Let Square-Enix know, and hopefully one day, we can actually see games like Final Fantasy XII in HD.