New Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade screenshots & renders revealed

Square Enix has just released a fresh batch of media for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the upcoming enhanced PlayStation 5 re-release of last year's game - which also comes with an all-new chapter starring beloved FF7 party member Yuffie.

Today's new screenshots focus on the new elements for this re-release, which include a new mini game based on Forst Condor, and new battles against Shinra executive Scarlett in a high-powered mech, Dirge of Cerberus character Nero, plus Yuffie and her buddy Sonon battling Shinra mechs and enlisting the help of Ramuh.

All of this was revealed a few weeks ago in the final trailer for FF7 Remake Intergrade; but it's nice to get high-resolution, direct-feed screenshots, which you can enjoy below.


Nero (voiced in Japanese by Ryotaro Okiayu and English by Sean Chiplock)
One of the Tsviets who has outstanding power even among the DG Soldiers. Born from a special experiment, he is able to control the power of darkness, which also earned him the title "Nero the Sable". He worships Weiss, the pure white emperor who is also Nero's older brother.


Scarlet & Crimson Mare
Scarlet is researching the ultimate Materia in Shinra's Advanced Weaponry division. She also developed a battle armor called Crimson Mare, which she pilots by herself. The mech can literally dye its enemies in crimson color with powerful weapons like mako sabers and cannons. Scarlet also uses Yuffie's infiltration of the facility to test the Crimson Mare.


Synergized attacks

  • Synergized Art of War: Pours down a fierce attack, and after that increases the power of all attacks.
  • Synergized Windstorm: Launches a synergized attack that envelops surrounding enemies with wind. The wind will increase damage multipliers to enemies on a Burst state.

Yuffie's Limit Break: Bloodbath - Launches a concentrated rapid attack that deals big damage.


Sonon's Limit Break: Dance of the Dragon - The Wutai Bojutsu secret art deals damage like Sonon is dancing.


Ramuh's attacks

  • Voltaic Lance: Drops a thunder lance that remains on the field for a while to damage nearby enemies.
  • Judgment Bolt: Drops powerful lightning right above enemy heads, just before Ramuh leaves the field.

A beautiful new key artwork was also released - a reverse view of the key artwork of the original game. Where in that version the camera pointed at the characters in Midgar, the camera is now flipped around - looking over their shoulders and out to a wider world, a tease of what is to come in FF7 Remake part 2 - which it's been confirmed that Tetsuya Nomura will not be directing. 

FF7 Remake Intergade is out for PS5 on June 10. It's a 6-month PS5 exclusive - with PC and Xbox fans crossing their fingers for a release after that.

FF7 Remake Intergrade Screenshots
FF7 Remake Intergrade Artwork