Lost Judgment will add a dog to assist Yagami's investigations

Sega has published several press releases for Lost Judgment in Japan in recent weeks. While most of the information reiterated the story synopsis and game details already known in the reveal trailer, the latest Japanese press release had a couple of new screenshots that reveal more features added to the Investigative Action system.

While the tracking, chasing, and disguise skills return from the prequel, Lost Judgment will add more features into Takayuki Yagami's repertoire. The returning protagonist will be able to use his athleticism to climb buildings and walls to infiltrate hostile grounds. He can also steal an enemy's attention by throwing items as bait. A Buzz Researcher feature will also let him detect signs of trouble before it actually happens.


One of the new Japanese screenshots showed an Active Search system, where the player has to closely survey people and locations from Yagami's perspective. Pressing R2 will allow Yagami to focus at the center of his sights, while holding L2 will let him think of possible connections that may have shown up.


The other new screenshot reveals that Yagami can have a tracking dog assist him in his investigations. The detective can follow the dog's movements to eventually arrive at a new clue to solve the criminal mysteries.

Lost Judgment will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X simultaneously worldwide on September 24.