Mecha strategy RPG Relayer launches for PlayStation 5 and 4 in 2021

Kadokawa Games has revealed Relayer, a mecha strategy RPG developed by creators of God Wars: Future Past for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Clouded Leopard Entertainment will handle the global release, which will come out simultaneously in 2021. The global release will include subtitles in not only Japanese and English but also French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

The title Relayer actually refers to the first extraterrestrial humanoid alien group encountered by mankind in the game's universe. The group, however, would later decide to invade Earth. But people in the Earth aren't exactly united either. The Earth Alliance Government Army has a different method of protecting the planet than the protagonist's GT Labo faction, causing unavoidable friction between the two. One of the Earth's military industry companies is even rumored to be aiding the alien group.


Gameplay System

Relayer will have a turn-based strategy battle system with flat grid maps. The movement turns will be determined by each unit's stats. The protagonist Terra and her fellow Star Child allies will pilot humanoid mechs called Stella Gears. There are 4 mech types available: Assault, Sniper, Tank, and Scout. Each type will have its own set of available weapons and attack ranges.

Just like God Wars: Future PastJobs will play an important part in determining character strengths. Relayer will see 20 Unique Jobs, with more than 20 additional generic Jobs that help add uniqueness to a character. The Job can also be improved by having the character fight in battles.

The player can have two allied units perform combination attacks under certain circumstances. There are two types known for such attacks: a Link Attack can occur when an allied unit is within range, but a unit that wields a Sword can also perform a Backstab pincer. Other than that, the game will also feature a Hate system that makes an ally get targeted more easily by enemies. An expert player will be able to use this system to their advantage.

Each Stella Gear also has a special ultimate move called Big Bang. The power is so tremendous that the game has to limit its usage with a gauge that has to be filled by letting the unit hit an enemy or receive damage. Not all Big Bang moves are offensive, as some of them may instead have recovery or supportive effects.

Two out of three game modes in Relayer are known. The player will generally progress through the Main Story to advance through the storyline with over 80 stages. However, the game will also offer a Play Back feature to replay past stages and farm experience levels.

Find the official trailer and screenshots right below. Relayer will be available worldwide for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2021.

Relayer Screenshots