Lovecraftian-inspired story-driven action RPG Elderand shows new gameplay at Guerilla Collective

During today's Guerrilla Collective Stream, publisher Mantra and developer Sinergia Games showed a new trailer for Elderand, a Lovecraftian-inspired story-driven action RPG set to release for PC (Steam) in 2022.

The footage can be found below, alongside a description and screenshot set. The official website is here.

Experience a Lovecraftian inspired story-driven action RPG game with skill-based combat. Explore and Fight in a dreadful world rich in treasures and deadly creatures. Elderand is a love letter to Castlevania with modern elements. Make your own path as you unveil the darkness.


  • Skill-based combat: The game has a heavy focus on skill-based combat. Reckless explorers will be punished time after time. Do not be afraid, your timing and positioning will improve as you find your battle style.
  • Treasures and Loot: Discover, buy, and conquer tons of items as you cross strange worlds. Unique relics, potions, weapons, shields, and some resources that are still untouched. Take good care of your income, shopkeepers have loads of material to bargain.
  • Explore the dreary lands: Slay filthy creatures, find hidden passages, and befriend strangers from the Errant Breach to Omulore. Your journey will be filled with an extensive amount of ancient mysteries. As you uncover your path, remember one thing, curiosity is your greatest ally.
Elderand Screenshots and Artwork