Spell-combo roguelike Rules of Alchemy announced for PC

Solo developer Jabari Alii has announced Rules of Alchemy, a spell combo roguelike set to release in 2021 for PC (Steam).

An announcement trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below. The official website is here.

Rules of Alchemy is a spell combo roguelike with thousands of items, deep rpg systems, fast-paced strategic combat, and a procedurally generated world full of secrets. Mix your spells with each other, the environment, and your weapon, as you master thousands of combinations to decimate your foes!

Master the Elements

Unlock over 100 spells on the Runegate and discover even more hidden spells as you play the game. In Rules of Alchemy spells are cast by combining other spells in real time. This unique system will have you experimenting with tons of different loadouts. Learn to counter enemy spells and turn them into your own. You can even use the environment or items as part of your combo.

9 Weapon Classes

Find your perfect playstyle among the 9 classes and their weapon types. From sword and shield, to dual lances, each weapon class provides a unique combat system that evolves the further you progress in the game. Experience the unique combo system and master every weapon’s perks and techniques. Discover legendary weapons and use them to augment your spells, reach hidden areas, and defeat secret bosses.

The Perfect Build

Craft, transmute, trade, equip and level up thousands of procedural items. Combined with a deep rpg stat system, a massive spell tree, and 7 procedural biomes, Rules of Alchemy will have every run feeling fresh and exciting. Meet a wide range of NPCs and access different rare items, epic quests, boss fights and climatic endings, all based on the dialog, items, and stats you choose.

Begin Your Journey

A dark force has corrupted the land and the torn have begun to invade. It is said only the Philosopher's Stone can repair this broken world and drive out the dark forces. Discover the mysteries of an ancient people and seek out answers to your immortality. Unlock the power of the runegate and find the traitorous alchemist within your ranks.


  • Massive Spell Tree
  • Thousands of procedurally generated items
  • 7 procedurally generated biomes
  • 9 dynamic Weapon Classes
  • Hundreds of unique spells
  • Branching dialog with real rewards and consequences
  • Unique spell casting and combo system
  • Roguelite progression system
  • In-depth RPG stat system
Rules of Alchemy