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Square-Enix Announces Word to Your Moogle Tour 2011

The official FINAL FANTASY XIII twitter account just tweeted this curious little link:
Upon clicking, you come to a simple page with some dates and the promise of the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 logo below. The dates are as follows:

7/21 – 7/24 San Diego

8/26 – 8/28 Seattle, Washington

10/13 – 10/16 New York, NY

Upon further investigation, each of these dates represent a specific event. In order, we have San Diego Comic Con, PAX Prime, and New York Comic Con. The first event is obviously this weekend, so if you’re able to attend, you’ll be able to have some hands-on time with the same demo we sampled at E3.

Square-Enix has said that those who take part in the demo event will be allowed to participate in a contest to win exclusive prizes. Starting at Comic Con, the rules are:


· Visit Square Enix in Hall D, Booth #3829 and play FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 at San Diego Comic-Con
· After playing the demo, receive an envelope from Square Enix staff (the envelope will contain a button with a letter on it, as well as contest rules)
· Find other FINAL FANTASY fans at San Diego Comic-Con and form words together
· The groups with the correct words of the day will have the chance to win a variety of prizes:

o Discounted merchandise at the Square Enix Shop
o Official Word To Your Moogle tour t-shirts
o Signed copies of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 (awarded at launch)

Check back to the official Tour website in the meantime for contest rules and leaderboards.

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