Tales of Arise shows off full playable cast in Summer Game Fest 2021 trailer [Update]

During today's Kickoff Stream for Summer Game Fest 2021, a new trailer was shown off for Tales of Arise. The new footage introduces what appears to be the last two playable characters in Dohalim and Kisara after the first four were fully detailed last month. The trailer has a bit of footage showing off both story and gameplay snippets of the new party members. Dohalim fights using a rod while Kisara uses a mace and shield.

The new footage can be seen in the trailers below, alongside new screenshots and artwork, including the western version of the game's boxart.



Update: The Japanese press release has added biographies for the new characters, as well as the location where Alphen's party will first meet them. You can read our translations right below.

New Party Members


Dohalim (voiced in Japanese by Yasuyuki Kase)
An eccentric high-ranking noble Renan who shows a friendly attitude towards Dahnans. He is well-versed in all kinds of art, from music, poetry, to artifacts.


Kisara (voiced in Japanese by Haruna Ikezawa)
A soldier serving under Dohalim in a unit exclusively comprised of Dahnans. The unit's equipment is made in Rena. She boasts a high physical ability that even Dohalim's Renan soldiers acknowledge her. She believes that Dahnans and Renans can co-exist together.

New Location: Viscint, Menancia


Alphen's party (with Law already joining them) will first meet Dohalim and Kisara in Viscint, the capital city of Menancia, a lush green country where Dahnans and Renans live together peacefully without any oppressions. There are no signs of hard labor, slavery, or even slaughter. Would this place have the ideal relationship for Dahnans and Renans?

Tales of Arise Summer Game Fest Screenshots and Artwork

Tales of Arise is set to release on September 10.