Tracks of Thought - Wholesome Direct Trailer

During today's Wholesome Direct stream, Tidbits Play released a new trailer for upcoming self-exploration RPG Tracks of Thought.

Tracks of Thought was announced about a year ago, and it is set to release in 2022 for PC (Steam).

The new trailer, a description, and a screenshot set can be found below. The official website is here.

Climb aboard and experience a story uniquely tailored to each player. Team up with your polar opposite to explore and unlock the different train cars and figure out its destination. Not every passenger is eager to help you though. Face conflicts in card-based battles and try to find common ground.

Personal Journey

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses (yep, even you!) Your interactions with the passengers and all your other choices will shape the game. Some bugs might appreciate your small talk, while others hate social interaction. Learn to recognize your differences and overcome your pitfalls together.


The everyday struggles in communication are simulated through card battles. Your deck is based on your personality, which means that some battles might be a struggle for you, but easy-peasy for someone else!

You can only "win" a battle by working together. So you won't get anywhere if either of you runs out of Health. Use Approach, Action, and Bonus cards to fill up the Progress bar and solve your conflict. Not every combo will be effective, depending on what kind of bug you’re dealing with.

Collect Cards!

Sometimes you don’t have the necessary cards and that’s okay! You'll earn those through experience or as a reward from the other passengers. Some might even contain a “little nuggets of wisdom”. Try to collect them all!


  • A personal journey tailored to your own personality
  • A big cast of bugs to befriend and learn from!
  • Navigate conflicts in card-based battles
  • Collect cards to improve your deck
Tracks of Thought