Starfield releasing November 11, 2022 for Xbox & PC - watch the new trailer

We finally know a little more about Starfield, the upcoming spacefaring role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios - the minds behind The Elder Scrolls and the modern Fallout titles. First up, the release date: Starfield will release on November 11th, 2022. Here's the new trailer, introducing the franchise and setting the tone:

The second question answerred by the new trailer is that of platforms. Of course, Bethesda was previously a traditional third-party publisher, putting most of its games on all platforms. Since Starfield was first announced there's been a major change, however - Bethesda parent Zenimax was purchased by Microsoft, bringing Bethesda, its studios, intellectual properties and games into the Xbox Game Studios brand. Today we have confirmation: Starfield will release for Xbox Series X & S and PC - but not PlayStation.

The end of the trailer also confirms that it'll be featured in the Xbox Game Pass subscription, as is standard for first-party Xbox game releases. It'll also be playable via Xbox's Cloud-based services.

The trailer boasts that Starfield is a new universe that's been "25 years in the making", and teases technology and a vision of a spacebound RPG that is less full-on science fiction and more seemingly grounded and realistic. With that said, there's a voiceover that seems to hint at a storyline of typically epic proportions.

Starfield Screenshots and Artwork