Babylon's Fall Showcases New Trailer, Announces Closed Beta

Square Enix showcased a new trailer for Babylon’s Fall at its E3 presentation. A sprinkle of lore combined and flashy combat sequences updated fans on some key aspects of the game, though Square didn’t drop an exact release date.

Babylon’s Fall revolves around a group of heroes in their quest to conquer the Tower of Babylon. Players, also known as sentinels, wield up to four weapons at once with the power of a tool called the Gideon Coffin, and cooperate with allies to fight through the tower. The trailer showcases hack and slash combat as well as ranged and magical attacks. 

In a press release, Square confirmed that Babylon’s Fall would be a live service title with co-op and multiplayer capabilities instead of focusing on a single-player experience. The company apparently plans to add more game modes after launch.

Square Enix presented Babylon's Fall at E3 2018 as its newest collaboration with Platinum Games. The latest trailer for the work in progress aired on Sony’s 2019 State of Play, which mostly involved a first look at gameplay without any further context on story. 

Babylon’s Fall is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam. There’s no release window so far, but the game is currently recruiting for its closed beta. Those who are interested can sign up for the beta on the website.

Babylon's Fall