Tales of Arise new screenshots show battle gameplay in more detail

Bandai Namco has published another huge set of screenshots for Tales of Arise. These new images show more details on the upcoming action RPG's gameplay systems, such as the battle system.


Tales of Arise will feature an Artes Gauge (AG) that can be filled and spent to unleash moves that are more powerful than normal attacks. The powerful Mystic Artes also use this gauge in a larger amount. A different set of Artes can be set on ground and mid-air.

The Renan characters Shionne and Dohalim, as well as Rinwell for having an exceptional case, can use magic techniques that have high power and wide range but require some time for casting.


Each character portrait at the lower-left corner also has a filling gauge called the Boost Gauge. Once it's filled up, pressing a corresponding button will let the character unleash a Boost Attack while restoring their Artes Gauge.

A STRIKE prompt may also occasionally appear during battles. It has better chances of appearing when the combo number is high or an enemy has a few HP remaining. Pressing the corresponding direction key will let two characters unleash the flashy Boost Strike.

Tales of Arise will also reward expert action players who are used to evade or block attacks right before they hit the character. Pressing an attack button right after that moment will trigger a Counter Raid that will slow down everything around the character.

Each of the 6 main party members will also have a unique battle trait based on their weapons and origins:

  1. Alphen: Flame Edge - He will reduce his own HP to launch a wide sweep with his fire sword
  2. Shionne: Blast Sniper - She can shoot bombs she had thrown with special bullets, causing even more damage
  3. Rinwell: Magic Charge - When she casts a magic technique, she can opt to not actually launch it and instead charge it to be linked with another technique or promoted to a stronger one
  4. Law: Awakening - Continuously landing attacks without getting hit himself will make him enter a concentrated mode that boosts his attack power
  5. Kisara: Guard Ignition - Using Artes right after a successful block will let her unleash a powerful counter-attack
  6. Dohalim: Rod Extension - Evading an enemy attack right before it hits will make him enter an active state where he extends his rod, and thus his attack range.

More screenshots that are available simultaneously showed how the player will be able to craft more powerful weapons and accessories by using materials dropped from defeated enemies. Each character has a unique collection of Titles that are gradually unlocked by either progressing through the storyline or clearing certain quests. These Titles are also instrumental in unlocking Skills that the character can learn on their own Skill Tree by spending Skill Points (SP).

Tales of Arise screenshots

Tales of Arise will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam on September 10. Japan and Asia will see the console releases arriving one day earlier on September 9.