Final Fantasy VII Remake for PC crops up in the Epic Games Store database

It appears that Final Fantasy VII Remake might finally be coming to PC, if a store listing that's cropped up in the back-end of the Epic Games Store is to be believed.

A new entry has been discovered on EpicData, a website dedicated to scraping and tracking the contents of the Epic Game Store's back-end. This can be useful for tracking things like prices, special offers, and updates to games - but sometimes it also drags up database entries for unreleased or even unannounced games.

The new FF7 Remake entry on EpicData features the name of the game hidden away in the customAttributes folder. The name of the game is well-obscured elsewhere, but under that area one can see information on Cloud Saves - which reveals that Cloud Saves will be backed up from "{UserDir}/My Games/FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE/EOS/{EpicID}/"

Also mentioned is ff7remakedevice.sav, further confirming the game this entry is about. The rest of the listing refers to various QA elements - but it is also clear that the developer is Square Enix Japan.

The data as it appears on EpicData, in case it is deleted.

The entry was first spotted by a ResetEra user and could be an error or a test, it does all rather line up with what we'd expect. First of all, Final Fantasy VII Remake was exclusive to PlayStation for one year after its initial PS4 release - this was even confirmed in a PlayStation exclusive sticker on the box, which noted the deal's expiry date.

That date came and went, but Square Enix later revealed that FF7 Remake Intergrade, the PS5 upgrade, would also be exclusive for "at least six months" - presumably extending the general exclusivity. That will run out this December, at which point PC and Xbox fans can begin to hope for a port.

As far as Square Enix goes on PC, the publisher has developed a cosy relationship with Epic recently. The Kingdom Hearts series made its debut on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive, while the upcoming Neo: The World Ends With You will also launch on PC exclusive on EGS. The appearance of FF7 Remake in EGS files is therefore not that surprising; and we also wouldn't expect any later PC version of FF16 to also be exclusive in a similar way. 

It's likely to be a while before we get any announcement, naturally - but when it comes, we'll have it. The evidence sure seems to be mounting, though.