Dying Light 2 shows off the Infected in Dying 2 Know Episode 2

The second episode of Dying Light 2's "Dying 2 Know" video series gave a deeper look at the infected enemies found within the game, whilst also going into more detail on Aiden from his voice actor. 

Dying 2 Know Episode 2 begins with a message from Aiden Caldwell's main character, before delving into the background behind the infection. The visual and sound design behind the infected was also detailed. It's an interesting watch for anyone who interested in the development process behind Dying Light 2. 

If you're looking to just see gameplay, a separate video was released that is taken from the gameplay section of the episode. It shows Dying Light 2's main character Aiden using parkour to get into a hospital, before sneaking around sleeping infected in the dark. The footage ends by re-revealing that Aiden is infected and must periodically get back into the sun to prevent from turning fully. 

The next episode of Dying 2 Know will be all about weapons, crafting, and parkour. No date was given for the showcase. 

You can view Dying 2 Know Episode 2 and the Dying Light 2 "Monsters" gameplay trailer below.