Steelrising set to launch in June 2022; new gameplay trailer

During today's Nacon Connect live stream, Spiders Studio revealed new gameplay for upcoming action RPG Steelrising

Additionally, Spiders announced that Steelrising is planned to launch in June 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The new gameplay trailer, description, and new artwork set can be found below. You can check out the short Uprising trailer from the E3 weekend here.

Introduced by Jehanne Rousseau, Founder and Creative Director of the development studio Spiders, Steelrising gave us a first look at its combat gameplay, which is a core part of the experience. In this action-adventure game set in an alternate 18th-century Paris, the combat will be challenging and any error in judgement could be fatal.

In this terrifying chaos, you play as Aegis, an outstanding automaton and bodyguard of Marie-Antoinette. Appointed by the Queen, Aegis will have to navigate through a Paris crawling with machines. Each fight with these mechanical enemies is a challenge where the player's skills are subjected to a tremendous ordeal. Such is the price to pay for those who want to change the course of history

Steelrising Artwork