Don't expect a Final Fantasy XVI update at this year's Tokyo Game Show, according to Naoki Yoshida

During today's Letter from the Producer Live Part 65 ahead of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker this November, Naoki Yoshida was also able to speak very briefly about Final Fantasy XVI, on which he is also acting as producer. In a brief statement, Yoshida revealed that the main scenario writing has been completed and the English voice-over is currently wrapping up. However, he also stated to not expect any update on the game at this year's Tokyo Game Show, despite the title also being absent from this year's E3 -- as well as practically the entire year so far. 


Yoshida stated that he wants the next showing to convince fans right away and that the team is hard at work to make sure a high level of quality is maintained. I suppose the most optimistic of us can hope to see a surprise despite this statement, but don't stake too much on it making an appearance.

We last learned about many of Final Fantasy XVI's regions and characters back last October, and also took a deep dive into the game's reveal trailer from last September. We hold out some hope to still hear some more news later this year, but exactly when remains to be seen.

Thanks, Nova Crystallis!