'Punishing Action RPG' Thymesia set to release on December 7 for PC

Publisher Team17 and developer OverBorder Studio have announced that 'punishing action RPG' Thymesia will launch on December 7 for PC (Steam).

Thymesia is set in a world ravaged by plague and places players in the shoes of Corvus, a mysterious character with the ability to wield diseases as weapons. Combat is done in real time with emphasis on parries and dodges, where Corvus can also transform into a raven mid battle. More information can be found in the announcement from March 2021.

The release date trailer can be found below, via IGN. The official website is here.

Fight diseased and infected enemies ravaged by the plague in Thymesia, a fast paced Bloodborne-styled action game coming to PC on December 7th.