Forspoken arrives on PlayStation 5 and PC in Spring 2022

Forspoken, the upcoming action RPG from Luminous Productions, isn't quite right around the corner — but on a Square Enix timescale, it's pretty close. The game now has a Spring 2022 release window, so we'll be witnessing the isekai adventures of protagonist Frey Holland on our PS5s before the back half of the year. (If we've all found a PS5 by then.) The game is also set to release for PC (Steam, Epic).

Today's new trailer gives us a good taste for Forspoken's combat and our first glance at multiple new characters. Before all that, it establishes that Frey's life before her unexpected arrival in the fantasy world of Athia is ordinary, if not downright relatable — a rough upbringing in New York City, but at least there are cats.

Athia's got a slew of problems, chief among them corrupt matriarchs called the Tantas. The strongest of the Tantas is Sila, who rules with an iron fist. Joining Frey on her surprise quest are kind-hearted Auden, archivist Johedy, and a sentient cuff named Cuff.


Evidently, there's a quartet of writing talent working on Forspoken. Excitingly, one of the game's scribes is Amy Hennig, who many of you may know as the head writer on the old Legacy of Kain games as well as certain entries in the Uncharted franchise. Gary Whitta's in there as well; the fellow penned the script for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which seems to be the least contentious of the new era of flicks. So he's got that going for him. Joining Hennig and Whitta are Todd Stashwick and Allison Rymer.

Bear McCreary, the composer behind such monumental soundtracks as Battlestar Galactica's and the 2018 God of War, is set to dazzle us all aurally if the trailer music is anything to go by.


The combat is clearly action-packed and the graphics scream "Luminous Engine." Which makes sense, of course, since Luminous Productions was founded upon the basis of utilizing that engine (formerly of Final Fantasy XV fame) to craft major new titles for a worldwide audience.

Forspoken will launch on PS5 and PC sometime in Spring 2022.

Forspoken Screenshots and Artwork