MMORPG Elyon releases on October 20; will be free-to-play

Publisher Kakao Games and developer Bluehole have announced that Korean action MMORPG Elyon will launch on October 20 for PC (Steam). Additionally, Kakao Games has decided that the game will be available as a free-to-play title.

Elyon, formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, was released in South Korea last December with confirmation of an English localization

A partial announcement from Elyon can be found below. More details about the change to a free-to-play model can be found on the official website. 


It’s clear that 2021 has been the year of the MMO, with an incredible lineup of titles in the genre set for release in the coming weeks and months, with some fantastic entries being released. Whilst we feel that Elyon can hold a unique and competitive place amongst them all, we also understand that the time investment required for any MMORPG is not necessarily compatible with an abundance of choice. Thus, after thoughtful consideration, our dedicated team has decided to make what we feel are necessary changes to our business model. 

One such change is transitioning Elyon to a Free-to-Play model.

Which means a delay…

And we must get to work adjusting that model and some backend systems. Thus, we will push the release of Elyon to October 20th. We’ll also make good use of this time to work on some quality of life changes to the game based on the feedback we received during our Closed Beta Tests, including bugs identified with the launcher, various systems we intend to streamline, as well as other polishes and overall experience improvements. 

What about those of us who already pre-ordered?

The game access in the base package will be replaced with 2,000 Rubies, Elyon’s paid in-game currency. Of course, anyone who made a purchase prior to this announcement will be able to request a refund. If after the upcoming changes to Elyon you are unhappy with your purchase you can contact our customer support team and your request will be accepted and processed as quickly as possible.