Sacred Fire enters Early Access on October 19

Iceberg Interactive has announced that the full first act for Sacred Fire will make its Early Access debut via Steam on October 19. We've known it was coming sometime in Fall 2021 since June, but now we can peg an exact date for the Roman-era RPG starring Doug Cockle of The Witcher fame.

The release date was announced on Monday during The Escapist Indie Showcase, which you can watch on YouTube in its entirety if you so desire. Or you can just watch this snazzy new trailer highlighting Sacred Fire's stylish character creation features and intensely choice-driven gameplay.

Featuring Doug Cockle, voice of Geralt in the Witcher franchise, in Sacred Fire, you’re cast as a refugee hunted by Rome, your actions compromised by fear and rage. Build up your willpower to control story choices and master battle tactics. Outsmart opponents and gain allies. Wage war or strive for peace. End up a hero or an outcast.

The free demo available now on Steam features the first chapter of the story, which plays differently when you select a male or female protagonist. Writer Jennie Kong contributed to Sacred Fire’s story to create nuanced but meaningful differences between the two perspectives. The demo features Doug Cockle, Michelle Gonzo, and Ben Britton as important story NPCs.

The first of three acts will be available on Early Access launch, with the other two being added as major free updates. Poetic aims to involve the community in the development of the game, fleshing out the story while incorporating feedback. Early Access will be English only, and localization will begin once the story is finalized.

A playable demo was available for a limited time during June's Steam Next Fest. Now the demo is back, presumably for good. Test it out on Sacred Fire's Steam page if your interest has been kindled.