Take a brief tour of Star Ocean The Divine Force's eye-catching environments

Star Ocean The Divine Force took a lot of us by surprise when it was announced during the most recent PlayStation State of Play. For many, the event was another opportunity for the eagerly-awaited Final Fantasy XVI to resurface after its September 2020 reveal — and while that obviously didn't happen, longtime fans of the Star Ocean franchise were delighted to finally see another entry emerge.

It's equally delightful to know that this sixth mainline Star Ocean is right around the corner. Square Enix is targeting a 2022 launch for the adventures of Laeticia and Raymond, and while the current state of the game's character models is a little ragged, the world of The Divine Force is already quite striking. It makes sense, then, that Square would come out swinging today with some sweeping environmental beauty shots.

The "Environments Showcase" trailer gives us a nice long look at a verdant field beneath an eye-catchingly colorful sky before moving on to a high-tech metropolis. A gleaming white fantasy city with some obvious Renaissance-era Italy inspirations soon follows. The tour ends with flashes of five further locales, including some rocky terrain that looks perfectly Mass Effect.

Star Ocean The Divine Force will launch sometime in 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.