Mass Effect: Legendary Edition listing suggests it's coming to Game Pass

EA and BioWare may make this year's Mass Effect: Legendary Edition available on Xbox Game Pass. At least for a brief moment, an Xbox Store listing allegedly showed the remastered trilogy for the service last Friday.

According to XGP (via VGC), the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition bundle was featured for a short time in the Xbox Store with a Game Pass logo on its box art. However, the listing appears to be gone from all storefronts now, while Microsoft, BioWare, and EA have not said anything to confirm the trilogy's addition to the digital library. 

It's entirely possible the box art was an accidental update, but EA offering another title for Game Pass is more believable than not. The company's premium subscription service, EA Play, is available on Microsoft consoles and PC for Game Pass Ultimate members and just PC for Game Pass users. 

The Legendary Edition just launched earlier this year, but you can still play Mass Effect through other features on Xbox One and Series X/S. The original trilogy is backwards compatible, and they're all available via EA Play or Game Pass. 

Mass Effect's remastered collection faired well for EA, and in August, the company said it sold above expectations. In the RPG Site review, Nathan Lee called it an "amazing collection" while not changing too much from their initial versions. 

Even if Mass Effect's fancy new packaging doesn't make its way to Microsoft's service, it's still a pretty good value for those of you looking to expand your RPG library. In recent months, games like Scarlet Nexus launched for Game Pass shortly after its own debut, and ten more Bethesda titles popped up over the summer. It's a handy little service if you need something to play on console or PC.