Marvel MMO from DC Universe Online devs revealed in investor presentation

Another game from September's GeForce Now database leak looks like it may exist. Daybreak Games, the company behind DC Universe Online, had its new MMO "utilizing Marvel IP" revealed in an investor presentation from its parent company, Enad Global 7.

As reported by Miller on Twitter (via Eurogamer), another project involving the company and superhero IP is back on after a 2018 cancellation. Daybreak was reportedly working on another Marvel MMO since at least 2017, and its cancellation is what allegedly sparked mass layoffs later in 2018. The revitalized MMO is developed by Daybreak's Dimensional Ink Game Studio in Austin, TX, with Jack Emmert (DCUO, City of Heroes) leading their new Marvel title. 

The presentation from Enad Global 7 lists the unannounced game as a "longer-term" product for 2022 and beyond. So it's entirely likely you won't see anything about the "Untitled Marvel Game 2020" until 2023, and neither Daybreak nor Dimensional Ink has said anything about their new game. 

It's an interesting development because it's Marvel, but it's also noteworthy as this seems to confirm yet another game included in the GeForce Now database leak. The data listed Daybreak as working on "Untitled Marvel Game 2020," but the year is obviously all off. Nvidia has since confirmed the leak from September is their data but called the list "speculative." 

It's entirely possible a database that big is getting some predictions accurate just because it's really big and bound to get something right. However, we've seen plenty of its "speculative" listings turn out to be real, like God of War (2018) for PC and the GTA remasters. The dates are at least way off and placeholders, but the titles themselves make us think they're there on more trustworthy knowledge. Regardless of what you're more inclined to believe happened here, it's at least another point in favor of trusting some of those entries.