Scarlet Nexus Bond Enhancement Pack 2 DLC and Version 1.05 update now available

Bandai Namco has today released the Bond Enhancement Pack 2 DLC for Scarlet Nexus, which adds 10 more bond episodes to the game along with a new Nexus Drive SAS ability. The DLC also adds a new 'Youth Attire' weapon and costume for each character, designed by illustrator Daisuke Richard.

Alongside the paid DLC, Bandai Namco has also released a free version 1.05 update, which adds a Battle Simulator with more than 20 combat challenges, along with new exchange items.

Finally, Bandai Namco has released a new Ultimate Edition for Scarlet Nexus, priced at $99.99, which includes the base game, DLC Season Pass, Deluxe contents, and soundtrack/artbook bonuses. That means it only leaves out the Pre-Order Bundle.

A new trailer, details, and screenshots can be found below. Details on the previously released Bond Enhancement Pack 1 can be found here. One last DLC is planned for release, slated to add more costumes and bond episodes.

Contents of the new DLC Pack 2 and free update include:

Paid DLC – “Bond Enhancement Pack 2”

The “Bond Enhancement Pack 2” DLC brings 10 new bond episodes to the game unlocking the super-state “Nexus Drive” to upgrade SAS abilities. Each character’s SAS will gain new effects the player will have to master, adding complexity to the game’s combat, such as attack ranges and SAS gauge recovery or consumption speed.

Players can showcase their newly acquired skills all over New Himuka wearing the stylish collaboration with artist Daisuke Richard, offering a new fresh set of costumes and weapons, the “Youth Attire” set.

  • New costumes and weapon skins for all playable characters in collaboration with famed artist DaisukeRichard.

  • 10 new Bond Episodes to further expand upon character relationships.

  • New power-specific effects when using SAS to connect with an ally who has learned Nexus Drive.

Free Update Ver. 1.05

In addition to the new DLC, a free upgrade brings a new feature called “Vision Simulator” allowing the player to rematch bosses fought in the main story and challenge missions with an adjustable difficulty level. Difficulty will include “Beginner”, “Novice” and “Master”. The highest difficulty, “Master”, will provide a more challenging and engaging experience to test the players skills after completing the main story.

Four new Others variations are added to the game, each with a unique added traits the players will have to understand, counter and defeat. The shop will welcome new challenges, costumes, and items via the free upgrade.

  • Battle Simulator– rematch against boss fights from the main story campaign as well as from challenge missions.

  • Over 20 new challenges for players to test their skills.

  • A new lineup of “Exchange” items in the Shop that includes plugins, weapons, and more.

Scarlet Nexus Bond Enhancement Pack 2 + Version 1.05 Screenshots