Guerrilla Games unveils screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West's PS4 version

Horizon Forbidden West is kind of a big deal. In an early 2022 period that's positively packed with RPGs, it manages to stand out thanks in large part to two key things — it's a sequel to the incredible Horizon Zero Dawn, and it's really, really pretty.

Until now, we've only known that last bit to be certain for the PS5 version. But what about the PS4 version, also known as "the only option immediately available to the thousands upon thousands of Horizon fans who can't find a PS5"? Guerrilla Games is finally pulling the lid off of that major inquiry, and if these four screenshots are anything to go by, PS4 owners needn't worry about any sort of eyesore.


All this gorgeousness won't amount to a truly stellar experience if Horizon Forbidden West runs poorly, but it's relatively safe to assume 30fps will be the dominant target. We know the PS5 will offer a Performance Mode that cuts down on the glamour a bit in favor of a targeted 60fps, so we might see a similar toggle on PS4 Pro.

Regardless, it's good news indeed that Aloy's long-awaited sequel won't be a poor-looking port on nine-year-old tech. Whether or not base PlayStation 4 consoles will make rocket liftoff noises and burst through roofs and into outer space, well, that remains to be seen.

Horizon Forbidden West will launch on February 18, 2022.