Expeditions: Rome - Combat Trailer

THQ Nordic and Logic Artists have shared a new Combat Trailer for Expeditions: Rome.

The trailer below works as an overview of the game's tactical battles, showcasing various skills, abilities, armor, and more.

"Si vis pacem, para bellum!" If you want peace, prepare for war! The Roman Empire was built on military power. Their disciplined, well-organized, and well-equipped legions conquered almost all of Europe, North Africa, and parts of western Asia. In the upcoming cRPG Expeditions: Rome you are taking command of Legio Victrix, in order to fight against the enemies of the Republic of Rome. In the latest trailer, Centurio Caeso Aquilinius gives the new recruits a proper drill and explains, how exactly the turn-based combat In Expeditions: Rome works. So prepare to learn about the use of the Gladius, a Scutum, and the famous Roman Pilum.  

Expeditions: Rome is to release on January 20 for PC (Steam). A free demo is currently available. For more information, you can check out: