Indie tactical RPG Telepath Tactics Liberated set to release on March 14, 2022 for Steam

Sinister Design has announced Telepath Tactics Liberated, an indie RPG remake of 2015's Telepath Tactics, set to release for PC (Steam) on March 14, 2022.

An announcement trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below, via Sinister Design. Thanks to RPGWatch for the heads up!

Deep tactics

Ever played an SRPG and thought "Gosh, I wish I could shove enemies off cliffs"? Ever wished you could hack through trees to open up a path, build a bridge to cross water, or dunk enemies into that same water? This is the game for you!

Telepath Tactics Liberated is a strategy RPG influenced by classics like Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Final Fantasy Tactics. Come experience a well-told tale of redemption, revenge, and liberation with challenging battles and a large cast of unique characters.


  • Shove enemies off of cliffs or into each other!
  • Fling enemies into environmental hazards like traps, chasms, water, and lava!
  • Destroy walls, freeze water and lay explosives, changing the face of the battlefield to your advantage!
  • Build an army from dozens of unique characters in 24 base classes!
  • Promote characters to one of 48 powerful prestige classes!
  • Learn more than 150 different skills!
  • Keep your army well-supplied; make hard choices about your priorities both on and off the battlefield.
  • Use the built-in campaign editing suite to build your own campaigns with unique characters, battles, cut scenes, items, skills, and dialogue--and download other peoples’ creations to play!

As a ground-up remake of the 2015 indie classic Telepath Tactics, Telepath Tactics Liberated features the same awesome map design, varied character roster, and deep turn-based tactics of the original in an entirely new engine! Wishlist it now!

Telepath Tactics Liberated