Square Enix's Team Asano teases 'multiple titles' to be announced and released in 2022

Square Enix's Team Asano has teased 'multiple titles' to be announced and released in 2022, in addition to Triangle Strategy. The teaser comes with a New Years' message posted on Twitter.

For those unfamiliar, Team Asano refers to what used to be Square Enix's Business Division 11 headed by Tomoya Asano, before being merged into what is now currently known as Creative Business Unit II. The team often works with external partner developers, with recent works being Bravely Default II and Octopath Traveler. Team Asano is currently heading up the soon-to-be-released Triangle Strategy, as well as Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake.

A couple of mobile games are also currently on Team Asano's plate, including Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, and Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights. The Octopath mobile game was released in 2020 in Japan, while the Bravely mobile game's release is upcoming. Neither has been confirmed for English localization.

While there's no information on what these to-be-announced titles are, but that 'multiple' are teased might indicate they are smaller scale, or perhaps ports of existing Team Asano led games. We'll have to wait and see what's in store.

The New Years' message can be found below, alongside our translation.


\Happy New Year/

We start working from today.
This year we are planning to announce and release multiple titles other than Triangle.

Please kindly look forward to them!

Thank you very much for the messages sent during the New Years project.
The whole team is continuing to do their best.