Action RPG rogue-lite Never Mourn announced for PC

Bordeaux-based Indie developer Primal Seed has announced Never Mourn, set to release for PC (Steam). No release window has been given.

Never Mourn looks to be an action RPG rogue-lite, where players are put in control of a necromancer named Irea as she takes downs waves of enemies while seeking out the Tree of Life to revive her child.

A teaser trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below. Thanks to RPGamer for the heads up!

“You stole the life of what was precious to me, so I’ll snatch the lives of those who stand in my way”

In a world where the Starvelings devour unfortunate souls. Irea will find herself in the middle of events that are beyond her control. Desperate to revive her child, she will make no concessions to achieve her goals. Becoming a powerful battle necromancer, she will deny death and go through threatening places to reach the Tree of Life.

Switch Between Life and Death

Use both sides of your weapon to face hordes of enemies.
Kill them off with using the scythe and use the other side to resurrect and protect them.
Think ahead when composing your squad: each enemy you revive keeps all its specificities and skills.
Order your resurrected servants wisely, as reactivity and sense of analysis can save your life on the battlefield.

No Time to Mourn

Don’t fear Death: Irea will unlock access to a variety of spells & abilities each run.
Learn and choose new spells for every playthrough.
Unlock powers as you fulfill achievements and create your own builds.
Each run will feel different: experiment new ways to fight by picking different spells, skills and passive abilities.

Explore your memories

Travel in a complex and immersive Dark Fantasy universe alongside Irea. Make your path through various fantasy environments trying to recover your memories. Discover all mysterious places with their magic aura and threats... Be aware you're not allowed backtracks: Irea only moves forward during her journey.


  • Fast-paced Action RPG meets rogue-lite mechanics for an explosive mix.
  • Attack or support! Switch between the two skillsets and find creative ways to use these in tactical fights.
  • The Necromancy system is at the core of the game design. It brings a deep strategic dimension.
  • An immersive world and story to unveil in a deep dark fantasy universe.
  • Unlock a lot of spells and abilities and try them. Every run will feel different.
Never Mourn