Scarlet Nexus adds Photo Mode, Very Hard mode, and more in free version 1.07 update

Bandai Namco has released a new free version 1.07 update for Scarlet Nexus, which adds both a Photo Mode feature and a Very Hard difficulty option to the action RPG, alongside more support plugins and new challenge goals.

In December 2021, Bandai Namco released the second of two paid DLCs to the game, which added more Bond Events, SAS abilities, and character attire options. A third and final DLC is planned for the game, which will add more Bond Episodes and outfits.

Details on the update content can be found below, via in-game descriptions.

  • "Photo Mode" has been added to the game.
  • New objectives have been added to "Challenges."
  • New difficulty settings have been added to the Options Screen.
  • New items are available to obtain in the "Accept" section of the Shop.
    • Anime Collaboration Items: Special gifts as part of a promotion with the TV animation
      • Animation "Scarlet Fate" gift item for both Yuito and Kasane
    • New Recruit Plug-in Set
      • New Combat EXP Assist Plug-in - Double EXP obtained.
      • Health Preserve Assist Plug-in - A special plug-in that ensures your health is never reduced to zero.
    • Useful Data Item Set
      • Attire Design Ticket x 5 [exchange material]
      • Vision Simulator Special Training Key [battle simulator item]
Scarlet Nexus Version 1.07