RPG Maker Unite launches for PCs worldwide in 2022

Gotcha Gotcha Games has revealed the newest iteration in Kadokawa's RPG Maker series of RPG development software. RPG Maker Unite will be available on PCs worldwide in 2022.

Unite will be the first entry in the RPG Maker franchise to be based on the widely-used Unity engine. But like prior RPG Maker iterations, aspiring RPG creators will be able to use RPG Maker Unite by simply inserting graphical assets and story scripts even without extensive knowledge in coding.

Other than the Unity engine base, RPG Maker Unite will also break more traditions in the series. For example, it will be the first title in a while to not use a two-initial title since the 2004 RPG Maker XP until the most recent RPG Maker MZ in 2020. And while the franchise has been known as RPG Tkool (a portmanteau of Tsukuru [Create] and Tool) in Japan, Kadokawa and Gotcha Gotcha Games have decided to unify the brand into the global title RPG Maker, so this software will be known in Japan as RPG Maker Unite as well.

The Steam page for RPG Maker Unite is available here. You can also find more screenshots and details on the program right below.

■Major Features:

●Create RPGs without coding!
With RPG Maker series' powerful command system and editable parameters, users will be able to rapidly create systems without any sort of coding knowledge!

●Beautiful resources to make compelling games!
Streamline your game development process further with our library of assets! From audio, characters, enemies, world biomes, and more, you can create a game immediately!

●An enhanced Map Editor!
Want to improve your maps further than before? RPG Maker Unite will also feature support for pre-rendered backgrounds and object-oriented map structures. Elevate your game's presentation with our new tools!

●Featuring an established and versatile Database System!
RPG Maker Unite, like its predecessors, will also provide a premade database that is necessary to create an RPG! It will include Character stats and classes, items, abilities, monsters and so much more! You can customize and add your entries to stand out!

Please stay tuned as more information become available!

RPG Maker Unite