RPGs Dominate on Japanese Sales Charts for September

Japanese chart folks Enterbrain have revealed their monthly sales report for September 2011 to the public, revealing a wealth of RPG titles propping up the top ten, showing off the continued strength of the Japanese RPG in its home country, even as it continues to struggle to find markets abroad.

Tales of Xillia took the top spot in the chart, sellign 590,021 units over the three weeks from August 29th through 'til September 25th. The majority of those sales were in the first week, as we reported the game selling over 500,000 in its first week at the time. We'll have an import review of this shortly.

Another RPG came in second in the form of Square Enix's Dragon Quest Collection, a disc-based compilation of the first few retro Dragon Quest games. That shifted 322,881 units, and also contains a first glimpse at Dragon Quest X as part of the package.

Dark Souls rocks up in third with 228,872 units sold, out-selling its predecessor Demon's Souls' lifetime sales in its first week of sales, reflected here.

Other RPGs present later in the chart included Grand Knights History, the latest retro-style RPG from Marvellous Software and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version.

Some of these titles are mentioned heavily in our RPG Site Holiday 2011 Japanese Import Guide, so if you want to get your hands on them before they head West, keep that in mind.