Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons now available for PC

NCSoft and ArenaNet have today released Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, the third expansion to the MMORPG.

A new trailer can be found below alongside details via ArenaNet. More information and screenshots for the game can be seen in its July 2021 reveal.

End of Dragons, the eagerly-awaited third expansion to the award-winning MMORPG Guild Wars 2, launches today on Windows PC. Introducing a plethora of exciting new gameplay features, an epic adventure set on the enigmatic continent of Cantha, and innovative ways to play collaboratively online with friends, End of Dragons will expand and enrich the vast, subscription-free online world of one of the most enduring and beloved PC games of all time.

End of Dragons will feature an all-new story set in Cantha, a multi-cultural land of magic and intrigue that was first seen in 2006’s Guild Wars Factions. This lush region dotted by islands and exotic architecture has been closed off and isolated from the rest of Tyria but will open its borders for the first time in over 200 years as players get the opportunity to discover its secrets. Thanks to a vast store of magical energy provided by the material known as dragonjade, Canthan technological achievements have transformed its tranquil beaches and temples into a mechanized center of industry. But the dragon cycle that has sustained the power of magic while blighting Tyria for ages is collapsing, and the secrets of the elder dragons will come full circle as players race to prevent a dire threat from destroying everything that Cantha has built.

“End of Dragons represents a multi-year expression of passion, talent, and creativity from the entire team at ArenaNet and NCSOFT,” said Amy Liu, Guild Wars 2 executive producer. “It’s been 16 years since players last got to explore Cantha, and we’re very excited to take that return journey with the community as we tell the next amazing chapter of the Guild Wars 2 story.”

End of Dragons will launch with a wide array of new content, including:

  • Four new, distinct open world maps full of Guild Wars 2’s signature public events that showcase the various cultures and settings of Cantha while vastly expanding the world
  • A new cast of NPC characters that will join players on their quest, featuring voice talent like Erika Ishii, Noshir Dalal, Ry Chase, Rina Hoshino, Kelly Hu, Tina Huang, and Sarah Sokolovic
  • The debut of the game’s first multiplayer mount, the siege turtle. Part mobile artillery platform and part all-terrain vehicle, this walking war machine can host two riders and brings co-op gameplay to Guild Wars 2’s renowned and acclaimed selection of game-changing mounted beasts.
  • New personal watercraft called skiffs that serve as a mobile ferry for friends and guildmates, allowing groups of players to partake in fishing, a new activity that gives new opportunities for cooking, and big rewards for those committed to seeking out the rarest aquatic fauna
  • Nine new elite specializations, one for each of Guild Wars 2’s character professions, providing new ways to play even maximum level characters, presenting new gameplay mechanics to master, and multiplying the possibilities for character builds.
  • Jade Bots, erstwhile companions that bring utility to Guild Wars 2’s philosophy of horizontal progression. These versatile helpers can give your mounts a boost, enable new ways to traverse the game world, and provide a pick-me-up in the heat of battle. Players can customize the parts of their Jade Bots for a wide variety of different effects.
  • A new selection of Strike Missions, challenging boss encounters that can be tackled with a squad of up to 10 players and give the most daring and skilled heroes an opportunity at valuable loot.

Other new additions in End of Dragons include the upgradeable settlement of Arborstone, a haven among the dark canopy of the Echovald Wilds that players can rebuild through the course of their adventure; a new Guild Hall they can decorate with their friends; and a new suite of third generation Legendary Weapons inspired by the iconic Elder Dragon Aurene, offering the ultimate heroic character reward.

To celebrate the launch, anyone who purchases a large beverage at participating Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s  U.S. locations March 2-29, will get a special End of Dragons collector’s cup.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is available for purchase at for $29.99. The Deluxe Edition ($54.99) adds an additional character slot and an Identity Repair Kit. The End of Dragons Ultimate Edition ($79.99) includes the exclusive Standard and Deluxe Edition items, plus 4,000 Gems, Guild Wars 2’s premium in-game store currency.

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