Square Enix trademarks Valkyrie Elysium in Canada, Europe, and Australia

Square Enix has filed for additional Valkyrie Elysium trademarks in Canada, Australia, and Europe. First noticed by Gematsu, the most recent filings in the west occurred in February and may indicate the publisher has more plans for the Valkyrie Profile series.

The Valkyrie Elysium trademark saw its first filing in Japan back in September 2021, with Square Enix following up again this year on February 16 in Canada. A day later, Square Enix filed for additional trademarks in Australia and Europe. The title itself has no official acknowledgment from Square Enix yet, and it's important to note that these types of filings can occur without ever leading to an actual release. 

Square's RPG series got its last Japanese release back in 2016 as iOS and Android title Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, and a worldwide launch three years later in 2019. The first game in the series, Valkyrie Profile, received a couple of ports over the years since its 1999 launch, but new entries prior to its mobile release remain relegated to the PS2 and 3DS eras.

Whether a new game or remaster (or just something to get your hopes up over), Square continues its steady release of remastered older games. Recently we've seen Final Fantasy get the treatment again with FF6 Pixel Remaster, while games that seemed less likely to get the attention, like Chrono Cross, also get modern releases.