FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove and Little Ladies' Day events begin next week

Final Fantasy XIV is between patches while players wait for version 6.1, but the development team at Square Enix continues to tide us over with new events. Starting next week, on March 14,  the MMO will begin its seasonal event, Little Ladies' Day, while the Moogle Treasure Trove also returns until 6.1 makes its debut. 

Little Ladies' Day, FFXIV's annual celebration similar to Japan's Hinamatsuri holiday, begins its 2022 event in Ul'dah by speaking to Marabel. A glance at the Lodestone entry makes this year's questline look like another short one, but after completing the Fashion Face-off questline, you'll score another glamour to drop into your already packed dresser with the Little Lady's Crown. 

It's certainly not a big ask for an adorable new hat, and you've got until the event concludes on March 31 at 7:59 am PDT to snag it. 

The Little Lady's Day Crown as it appears glamoured on a male Viera and female Au'Ra.

As for the heftier event, the Moogle Treasure Trove returns on the same day and runs until patch 6.1 launches in mid-April. We've seen this one several times over the year, but for those of you unfamiliar with the routine, FFXIV will reward you with the limited event currency Irregular Tomestones of Scripture upon completing certain tasks through the Duty Finder. The event-specific instances will be notated in-game with a tiny Moogle icon, and you'll have to queue in normally without using the Unrestricted Party option. 

For Endwalker's first Moogle treasure hunt, FFXIV will reward players entering the Praetorium with 10 Irregular Tomestone tokens. The Dun Scaith 24-man raid and MSQ's other lengthy level 50 dungeon, Castrum Meridanum provide seven tokens, while a handful of PVP maps and lower level dungeons and trials provide smaller hauls. Square Enix has a complete list of encounters providing rewards once again hosted over on the Lodestone

The event's costliest prize, the Mameshiba Earring, requires 100 Tomestones at the Itinerant Moogle Item Exchange. You can find one of Treasure Trove NPCs lurking in any of the three major city-states from A Realm Reborn, and the Moogle will stick around for players to shop from until patch 6.2 - you just won't be able to earn any more tokens after the 6.1 update. 

Final Fantasy XIV's Mameshiba Earring, the Euphonious Kamuy Fife, and Tamamo Headband glamour available from the 2022 Moogle Treasure Trove event.

Other prizes include mounts dropped as random spoils from Extreme Trials, like the Euphonious Kamuy Fife, Aithon Whistle, Boreas Whistle, White Lanner Whistle, and Rose Lanner Whistle. The event also gives you an easy way to score items that may take longer to grind through usual in-game content, like the Drake Horn, Late Allagan gear set, Riding Maps, and several Triple Triad cards.

Perhaps the most valuable use of your Irregular Tomestones though is the MGP Platinum Card - a voucher that can be redeemed for 50,000 MGP. It'll cost you 30 Tomestones, but it's certainly the fastest way to grind out the Gold Saucer's currency while on the hunt for those pricier casino rewards.