Final Stranger of Paradise demo out today on PlayStation and Xbox Series

As Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin approaches its March 18 release, publisher Square Enix and developer Team Ninja have announced one more demo available today for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Revealed during today’s State of Play livestream, the new Stranger demo drops Jack and his party into one more test run that carries progress over into the full game. According to Square Enix, this latest slice lets you explore multiple areas from the game like the Chaos Shrine, Pravoka Seagrot, and the Western Keep. Jack can also bring two other friends along for the journey, and together test out the Swordsman, Black Mage, Lancer, and Pugilist jobs. 

The demo isn’t entirely a surprise, as earlier today PlayStation Game size - a Twitter account tracking new PSN entries - reported a Stranger of Paradise demo for PS5. According to the original Tweet, you’ll need 35.7 GB of free space to play. 

For those still unfamiliar with the Team Ninja spin-off, Stranger of Paradise is an alternate take on the first Final Fantasy game. The action RPG uses staple names and terms from the NES-era original, like Chaos, the Four Heroes of Light, and a long list of stages using old locations.

How exactly Stranger of Paradise fits into the greater scheme of the Final Fantasy universe isn’t exactly clear, but what we do know is that the Team Ninja take on FF is leaning into nostalgia. Throughout its marketing cycle, Square Enix has heavily teased stages from Stranger will draw their inspirations from older Final Fantasy titles, and we’ve been tracking those on our end. So far, we’ve seen Square Enix confirm odes to FF9’s Evil Forest, FF7’s Make Reactors, and FF14’s Sastasha dungeon, among others.