Square Enix Announces Army Corps of Hell for Europe

Square Enix Europe have announced Army Corps of Hell formally for Europe, confirming that the Japanese PlayStation Vita launch title will be heading West during the machine's Western 'Launch Window.'

Developed by Entersphere inc, Army Corps of Hell lets players take control of an army of 100 goblin soldiers with different abilities and skills that make use of some of the Vita's unique inputs such as the rear touch pad. There's four-player wireless ad-hoc play, too, and a load of loot to collect.

This marks a particularly strange moment, as Square Enix have announced this Vita title for Europe before they've talked about Final Fantasy Type 0's plans in the West - that game was announced in 2006 and still hasn't been confirmed for the West. It's out in Japan this month.

Check out the first shots, logo and trailer of Army Corps of Hell below!

Army Corps of Hell Screenshots

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