Relayer Season Pass DLC will add more stories and mechs

Kadokawa Games has published details about Relayer's season pass content. The DLC set will gradually add new stories, mechs, and other items into the game after its release. The first content will add three new spinoff stories that tell more about the life of Terra and her fellow crew members in the Asterism ship.

Kadokawa will also gradually release Stellar Gear NEXT mechs that act as major upgrades for specific character units. The schedule is as follows:

  • Astoria NEXT for Terra - May 2022
  • Amaterasu NEXT for Sun - June 2022
  • Petasos NEXT for Mercury - June 2022
  • Herschel NEXT for Uranus - July 2022

The above stories and mechs will also be available for purchase separately without the season pass at a later time. The Season Pass will include more content that will not be sold outside of the pack. The latter will consist of 6 Custom Chips modeled after GT Labo members and 6 weapons with Sparkling colors.

Relayer Season Pass

Relayer will be available for PlayStation 4 and 5 simultaneously worldwide on March 24. You can also check out the game's public demo version, which contains several stages and also lets you carry over the save data to the full game.