Monster taming RPG Creature Keeper set to release for Steam in 2023

Publisher Graffiti Games and developer Fervir Games have announced Creature Keeper, a monster-raising RPG planned to release for Steam in 2023. The game is also planned to release for unspecified consoles.

A reveal trailer, store page description, and screenshots can be found below, via Graffiti Games.

A New Kind of Hero: Take up the ancient role of a Creature Keeper. A strange sickness is affecting otherwise healthy creatures and you must uncover its mysteries to restore balance to a world divided.

Befriend a Small Army of Creature: Assemble your dream team by befriending a bevy of creatures to fight alongside you.

Strengthen Creatures with Food: Learn recipes while adventuring and cook up tasty meals to help your creatures grow in their own special way.

As Creatures Grow, So Do You: More knowledge = more power! Raise your party and fight corrupted creatures to unlock creature notes, skills, recipes, and more in the Bestiary.

Craft Equipment for Yourself and Creatures: Customize your play style by crafting a variety of weapons and trinkets with unique effects.

Explore the Magic of the Pocket Garden: Grow ingredients, power ups, equipment, and more with your Pocket Garden, a magical portable farm.

Creatures with Style: Craft fashion items such as hats, masks, and accessories for your creatures to wear!

Creature Keeper