Relayer details Day 1 and Day 2 patches, fixing visibility, operability, and more

Kadokawa Games have revealed details of a Day 1 and a Day 2 patch for mecha SRPG Relayer, which releases on March 24 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Day 1 Patch

The Day 1 patch is now available for those with early access to the game via digital pre-orders. These updates were based on feedback from the game's free demo released on February 26.

This update contains two significant tweaks.

1.) Improved visibility of movement squares when they overlap an enemy's danger zone. Before it was very hard to determine unit movement when these zones overlapped, something Josh criticized in his review for the game.

2.) Adds a confirmation selection when choosing auto-mode in battle, in order to prevent accidental activation of the mode.

Day 2 Patch

The Day 2 Patch will release on March 25 with the following updates.


1.) Improved operability of the Star Cube, making it easier to navigate with either the analog stick or D-Pad. The visibility of the various skills on the tree has also been improved when zoomed out, another component Josh criticized in our review.

2.) Improved event scene high-speed mode, further speeding up story sequences for those who want to get through the story faster.

3.) Hard mode and Very Hard mode have been made more difficult, based on feedback from the demo version.

4.) Other Star Cube issues have been fixed when certain character abilities did not reflect properly when unlocked.

For more on Relayer, you can check out Josh's review.