Level 5's Guild01 Announced

It had been announced back in June that Yasumi Matsuno of Final Fantasy XII and Tactics Ogre fame joined Level 5 to create smaller scale games.  Well his first one has finally been announced. 

Guild01 is a variety game featuring a compilation of 4 games itself, 3 of which are being made by proven developers. Joining Matsuno will be Grasshopper's Suda51 famous for No More Heroes and Killer 7, Vivarium's Yoot Saito of Seaman fame, and a comedy group known as America Zarigani's Yoshiyuki Hirai.

The games are:

Kaiho Shojo: A 3D shooting game from Suda 51. You take control of a robot known as "Kaihoki" (literally "liberation machine") and shoot demon beast. The game features animations from famous anime studio Bones.

Rental Bukiya de Omasse: An RPG from Yoshiyuki Hirai . You play as a weapon shop owner and sell/rent weapons to RPG adventures like other RPG store simulator games such as Recettear.
Air Porter: A simulation game from Yoot Saito. You play as the man in charge at an airport and must expediently manage baggage. How well you do the job may lead to bonuses and the expansion of the airport.
Crimson Shroud: A "darkness fantasy" adventure RPG from Matsuno.

Little is known about the game right now, but more information should come trickling in especially with  Level 5 Vision this Saturday.

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