Scarlet Nexus sales pass 1 million, while Game Pass helps it to 2 million players

Scarlet Nexus has now passed 1 million copies shipped to retailers and sold through digital store fronts, it's been revealed. The game has enjoyed an even larger player base, however - with Xbox Game Pass on console and PC helping the game to a total of 2 million players. 

Publisher Bandai Namco revealed the news today via the official Japanese Scarlet Nexus twitter account, thanking the 2 million players of Scarlet Nexus for playing. A new artwork of the game's cast was also released as part of the celebratory tweet.

Armchair analysts will find the strength of the game's performance through Xbox and PC Game Pass interesting. While a small number of that additional million players will come from the same copy of the game being played via multiple accounts, thus registering as multiple players, much of it will have come through players getting into Scarlet Nexus via Game Pass.

Scarlet Nexus released for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC formats back in June of last year. If you haven't played it, it's a vampiric action RPG with multiple protagonists. The RPG Siter review described the game as flawed but with a "fantastic framework in place now for a sequel" - so hopefully this performance will help allow that to happen.

Artwork released to celebrate 2 million players of Scarlet Nexus.