Final Fantasy XIV for PS3 gets a Launch Window

Square Enix have confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV for PlayStation 3 is targeted for a launch at some point between October and December 2012 in a new statement on the game's official website.

The launch involves plans to "integrate the current service and the coming PlayStation 3 version into the all-new Final Fantasy XIV." A new trial period will also be offered for PS3 owners during that time. That refers to a beta, so expect a Beta between October and December 2012 and a launch shortly after that.

The statement also revealed some other vague information about plans within Square Enix for the PlayStation 3 version.

"Among our new plans is the fundamental reworking of in-game maps. As part of this process, there will be a period required for switching over to a new client and new servers, after which there will be a large transfer of data when service is brought back online. After the new client is completed, new software for the PC version will be distributed online, and can be acquired free of charge."

"Character data and progress for players already playing the PC version will also be preserved, allowing those players to continue using their in-game avatars. Another announcement will be made in the future as the day on which the new FINAL FANTASY XIV software will become available for download draws near, and the PlayStation®3 system version officially released."

The PC version of the game will have its subscriptions reinstated in late November or Early December, it was announced today.

This comes a mere month after Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada told press that the Final Fantasy brand had been "greatly damaged" by XIV's poor launch.

There's even more from Square Enix over on the official Final Fantasy XIV website. Remember you can see all the screens, videos and artwork we have from Final Fantasy XIV over in the Media Vault.

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