Colorful action RPG Arto announced for PC

Orion Games has officially announced Arto, via IGN, set to release for PC (Steam).

Arto is described as a colorful action RPG where you restore color to a world devoid of it. The game boasts branching narratives, a variety of playstyles, and dozens of biomes and enemies, and character customization. While the Steam page lists a Dec 1, 2022 release date, this looks to be a placeholder.

A reveal trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below, via Orion Games.

Arto is an action role-playing experience that paints a new path. Featuring action-packed combat, an arsenal of weapons to unlock and upgrade, and epic bosses to defeat, Arto invites you to explore strange biomes with their own unique visual styles, to piece together the mysteries of a broken world.

  • Restore Color - Breath Life: With Arto's color lost from its world, you'll need to restore it colour by colour. As you explore the world, your presence will paint life back into the desaturated world.
  • Explore a Unique World: Explore a land filled with unique themes, playstyles and creatures. Venture beyond, adapt to your surroundings and react to the challenges that the world throws your way.
  • Discover a Branching Narrative: Experience a sprawling narrative with multiple endings as you interact with a variety of original characters to uncover the mysteries of the world and its history.
  • Defeat Challenging Enemies: Banish huge bosses and battle over 30 different enemies, each with their own motivations and lore. You'll need to perfect your positioning, weaponry, combat skills and timing if you're to defeat them.