Soul Hackers 2: Summoner's Guide Vol. 2 details setting and dungeon exploration

Atlus has broadcast the second volume in its Summoner's Guide video series for Soul Hackers 2, detailing the game's setting and dungeon exploration. This follows the first entry in the video series released last month, which detailed the game's combat system.

The video from Atlus' Japanese YouTube channel can be found below - which offers English subtitles through the CC function - along with a transcript of the video.

Setting - The Covenants and the Great One

Aion has predicted the world of humanity is coming to an end. Five sources of spiritual energy, known as Covenants, are ket in all of this. As their name suggests, they repsent a "contract".

The Covenants have a deep history and are said to be the rainbow that bridges a contract between humans and God. When all five Covenants are gathered, it's believed that the Great One will descend upon the world.


A secret organization known as the Phantom Society pulls the strings behind the scenes and wishs to call for the Great One. The are led by someone known as Iron Mask.

Along with the comrades within their COMPs, Aion's agents and the Devil Summoners confront Iron Mask to stop the incoming apocalypse.

Exploration Guide

Red enemy symbols can be found within dungeons. The will hunt you down once they notice your presence, and if caught you will be thrown into battle with the enemy getting atack priority.


Try to slash the enemy symbols with Ringo's sword. Initiating battle by cutting down enemies will put you in an advantagouse state. You can also walk around downed enemy symbols to avoid battle altogether.

A bonus attack may trigger when going into combat with an enemy that was knocked down with slashing. Your allies will attack all enemies as the battle starts, tipping the battle in your favor right away.


Upon stepping into a dungeon, Ringo will send her demons out on a Demon Recon. You can reunite with the demons sent on recon while exploring the dungeon. They can find items, or help you in other ways, such as healing. Try to find and talk to your demonic allies throughout dungeons.

While on Demon Recon, allied demons may introduce you to other demons that appear in the dungeon. You can negotiate with demons to enter a contract and recruit them.


Demons can be set into COMPs to grant access to their skills. The COMP user's states are also affected, so be sure to adjust them based on what the situation.

Keep an eye out for enemy symbols and strike before they do! Work together with allied demons and conquer perilous dungeons!

The video also goes a little bit more into Ringo's perspective of Milady, the second Devil Summoner to join her in her endeavor.

Soul Hackers 2 is set to release on August 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. For more information you can check out: