Relayer update on April 28 will add Final Form upgrades

Kadokawa Games will release a new update patch for Relayer on April 28. This update will add several new features, and the largest highlight will be the ability to customize and upgrade playable Stellar Gears and Quasar mechs in the game.

The update will add a new menu where the player can upgrade allied mechs. There will be 6 categories and each of them will have 10 upgrade levels:

  1. Booster - raises Agility
  2. Generator - raises Accuracy and Evasion
  3. Arm - raises Attack stats
  4. Body - raises Defense stats
  5. Frame - adds more HP
  6. Condenser - increases maximum SP limit

Completing all upgrades will grant a Full Custom Bonus for the unit—something that we have also seen commonly in the Super Robot Wars series. But this game won't stop there; it will even upgrade the mech's looks to its FF (Final Form) version. You can find some of the examples right below:

Relayer Final Form update

In addition to the above, the update will also add more options like toggling the skill effects and QoL menus such as saving and loading in the pre-sortie menu.

Relayer is currently available on PlayStation 5 and 4 with Japanese and English subtitles and voiceovers. Additional subtitles are available in Traditional Chinese and Korean, with French, Italian, German, and Spanish subtitles slated to be added later. You can also read our review of the game.