Elden Ring surpasses 13.4 million units sold worldwide

Within its financial results briefing for the full fiscal year, Bandai Namco has announced [PDF] that Elden Ring has surpassed 13.4 million sold worldwide.

The company previously announced that Elden Ring had sold 12 million units in the first few weeks after launch, with the notable remark that more than 1 million were sold in Japan. Once again, for some perspective, the entire Dark Souls franchise reached 13 million units shortly after the release of Dark Souls 3.

As for Bandai Namco as a whole, the company had a strong year with sales and profits all up considerably YoY. Elden Ring's success is a big reason why; the game has been so successful for Bandai Namco that the company had to issue a separate press release [PDF] explaining why its sales results were considerably higher than its projections made in February, before Elden Ring released.