Hybrid strategy RPG Songs of Conquest now available in early access on PC

Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Lavapotion have released Songs of Conquest in Early Access for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic), priced at $29.99. The game is described as 'A turn-based strategy adventure game that fuses RPG, tactical combat and kingdom management.'

Songs of Conquest is planned to be in Early Access for about year, and currently two campaigns, four factions, and all major gameplay features are complete, as well as online/local multiplayer. The development team is looking for feedback on the game, as well as continuing to work on polish, UI, localization, and more.

An Early Access launch trailer, press release, and screenshot set can be found below.

Let it be known throughout the kingdoms of Aerbor that Lavapotion and Coffee Stain Publishing, publishers of Valheim, Deep Rock Galactic and Satisfactory, hereby announce that Songs of Conquest hath entered Steam Early Access for 29.99$ / 29.99€.

In Songs of Conquest, players will embark on epic adventures in the fantastic land of Aerbor, wage battle against other adventurers or create their own maps and quests thanks to the game’s very own map editor. Players will take control of powerful mages called Wielders, build armies and expand their kingdoms using resources and riches they find on their journey. The game is filled to the brim with turn-based strategy combat and modern pixel art inspired by genre classics.

Songs of Conquest is reminiscent of legends of the turn-based strategy genre from the 90s, bringing pixel art into the modern era via an immersive 2.5D art style. Each in-game faction has a unique visual identity that permeates every aspect of the game, from the buildings players build to strengthen their bases, to the units that make up an army. Leading these forces are the Wielders, heroes that can annihilate their foes and support their allies alike using different schools of magic.

There are four distinct factions in Aerbor for players to command:
  • Arleon, an ancient kingdom allied with the Faey of the forest, offers its knights a chance at greatness if one wishes to seize it
  • Rana, the swamp dwelling tribes of the Marsh that witness the rise of a mysterious Wielder that seeks to unite them and reclaim their ancient legacy slumbering in the swamps
  • Barony of Loth, a mysterious and dark society that employs evil powers to bring the dead back to life and fight for past glory once more
  • Barya, merchant states fueled by progress and artifice that live and die by their dealings and contracts, utilising the mighty Hellbreath to defend their freedom

Players can take control of all four factions at Early Access launch, and embark on exciting single player campaigns for Arleon and Rana.

Songs of Conquest will offer two single player campaigns at Early Access launch. The first campaign follows an Arleon knight, Cecilia Stoutheart, as she uncovers and combats foul deeds in her barony. In the second campaign, players will witness the rise of the Rana swamp tribes once more as they discover their true heritage. A Skirmish mode is also included to pit players against enemies to test their mettle and strategic combat. Local and online multiplayer are available, as well as a  fully fleshed out Map Editor used in the creation of the game, that will offer a plethora of tools for players to build their own adventures and stories.

“It’s almost surreal seeing Songs of Conquest enter Early Access.” said Carl Toftfelt, Lead Game Designer at Lavapotion. “We’ve worked on this game for five years and counting, and hope that players will see all the hard work and love we poured into it. We can’t wait to see what players think of Songs of Conquest - the world, the factions, combat, and our  map editor!”

“Seeing Lavapotion undergo this journey to create the game they’ve always dreamed of playing themselves has been amazing.” said Johannes Aspeby, Producer and Co-founder Coffee Stain Publishing. “We seek to breathe new life into the turn based strategy genre, and can’t wait to continue developing Songs of Conquest alongside our fans and players as we enter Early Access.”

Songs of Conquest