Sheba: A New Dawn is a sidescroller RPG inspired by Arabian culture

The 5th annual Indie Live Expo took place this past weekend, featuring hundreds of games from developers across the world. We here at RPG Site decided to quickly spotlight some of the RPGs shown in the stream.

Sheba: A New Dawn is a sidescroller RPG inspired by Arabian culture developed by UAE-based studio Kashkool Games. It is set to release for PC (Steam), with PlayStation and Xbox console versions also planned. The game features various combo-based abilities, 'metroidvania'-style exploration, and several 'power-ups' to collect.

Two gameplay videos, a description, and screenshots can be found below, via Kashkool Games. The official website is here.

Sheba: A New Dawn is an action adventure metroidvania game that takes you through a compelling story of revenge and despair. Fight your way through the next decisive battle, A New Dawn. Explore the world of Sheba and the corruption of Jinn possessions.

Sheba: A New Dawn's setting is in the old civilization of Sheba. A well-known civilization which was around 1000BC in the Arabian Peninsula. the game takes into consideration Jinn, incantations use and lifestyle of these times. In a fantasy story the game talks about the Jinn invasion to the human realm and breaking the barrier that separates Jinn and humans.


  • 67+ unique Jinn and bosses: each Jinn and boss are inspired by nature and mythical stories. They have their own strategic fighting styles which will reward you with unique collectables to power your journey!
  • 45+ Combo skills and elemental combo finishers: be stylish by using various skills and combos with each different elemental sword to enjoy your battles ahead!
  • Customize your fighting style with RPG elements: Level up your character to increase your stats and play the game the way you like!
  • Different environments: The land of Sheba is filled with distinct places to explore and discover.
  • Collect various power ups and abilities: Enjoy your journey through secret places in the world of Sheba to unlock new abilities and grind rare gems to become more powerful to beat your foes.
  • Unique puzzles: Mind games are set by the Jinn to prevent adventurers from unlocking the secrets of the world.
  • Iconic and memorable characters: Each character has a vital role in the story which you will never forget!
  • Story and cutscenes: Enjoy the fully voice casted compelling story!
Sheba: A New Dawn